Best in Smart Hotel Automation

Check All Boxes on Your IoT Investment List

Why Hubsai?

The Hubsai IoT cloud and software provides comprehensive smart device management capabilities that can adapt to each hospitality property’s size, layout, staffing, and guest amenities requirements.

The platform’s IoT management software allows hoteliers to reap the benefits of IoT automation and service delivery while focusing on what matters—managing hotel operations, reducing risk, and increasing profitability.

Best in IoT Security

Hubsai Platform Security

With a focus on enhanced security and data privacy, Hubsai is built on with the latest encryption and authentication technology to ensure total data confidentiality, integrity, and traceability.

Connectivity Security

Our security framework protects every access point from guest-to-room hub, device-to-room hub, hub-to-cloud, and management software-to-cloud.

Smart Device Updates

Additionally, with its cloud to hub environment, Hubsai sends automatic smart device firmware updates so that the hotel’s IoT device ecosystem is fully protected against the latest threats and vulnerabilities.

IoT Cost Savings

The reason there is widespread hotelier interest in IoT technology adoption is simple: it saves money. An investment in hospitality IoT pays off in the form of long-term profitability and competitive advantage. By investing in Hubsai Smart Hotel, your hotel will experience considerable cost savings in areas that our platform solutions can efficiently automate and monitor: task automation, energy consumption reduction, water damage risk, and maintenance automation.

Task Automation

Reap productivity gains by automating time consuming staff tasks with the Hubsai platform. Some of the IoT-based automation supported by Hubsai Smart Hotel include:

Energy Consumption Reduction

Hubsai offers simple energy reduction and management solutions. On average, hotels spending on room energy demands represent about 6% of all operating costs. Energy consumption can be reduced significantly through automated remote temperature control through integration with your HVAC/thermostat vendor, such as Honeywell, and room occupancy sensors.

“A 10% reduction in [room] energy consumption has the same financial impact as increasing the average daily room rate by $1.35 in full-service hotels.”


Remote room lighting control can also play a role in reducing energy consumption. Again, room occupancy sensors can be used to trigger turning lights on and off based on whether anyone is occupying the room.

Water Damage Risk Reduction & Maintenance Automation

A single guest room leaky toilet or similar slow water leak can add $840 per year or more to hotel operational expenses. Left undetected, a slow leak can lead to serious water damage in terms of restoration and remediation costs, and adversely impact guest health and the hotel’s reputation. In-room leak detection can greatly reduce the risk of damage from both new, active leaks, or an unnoticed slow escape of water.

Hubsai’s Risk Prevention solution places IoT leak detectors in guest rooms, as well as other areas at risk in the hotel. The Hubsai IoT management platform allows hotel management to monitor potential water leak risk for the entire property, and enables the engineering team to quickly respond to leak alerts, in addition to monitoring for remote maintenance needs such as low battery notifications.

Increased Staff Productivity

An IoT management system with business intelligence dashboards, real-time ecosystem status data, and real-time notifications, can be a tremendous tool for increasing staff productivity. Hubsai Smart Hotel supports these capabilities, and moreover, delivers into the hands of every hotel department.

Management oversight

Real-time Business Intelligence

Hubsai’s IoT Management system provides real-time IoT ecosystem dashboards, delivering BI for decision making and productivity analysis.