Build Your Hotel IoT Future

Hospitality IoT Starts with a Robust, Expandable Platform

Hubsai Smart Hotel is the Foundation for All Your IoT Service and Automation Solutions

The Hubsai Smart Hotel platform provides the infrastructure to build the IoT services you need. Your IoT solutions can be prioritized and implemented in succession or in parallel, as determined by property availability, budget, or resources.

To simplify implementation decisions, Hubsai has created a selection of solution programs, for risk prevention, energy savings, and guest services. All solution programs are based on the Hubsai Smart Hotel platform infrastructure. The solution descriptions below highlight our recommended device and sensor types, however, Hubsai’s flexibility allows for variations in the range of products and vendors selected. 

Hubsai Smart Hotel Platform

IoT Architecture that Supports Your Expanding Property and Services Needs

Whether a 200-room property planning to add condos, or a larger property needing to implement by floor or by wing, Hubsai can easily expand with you. The Hubsai Smart Hotel Platform can grow by increasing cloud capacity as more Hubsai Hubs are brought online to support more devices, services, rooms, and locations.

The platform base components—room hubs, the Hubsai IoT cloud, and the Hubsai Smart Hotel access management software—make up the foundation to implement our Risk Prevention, Energy Savings, or Guest Services solutions—either individually, or in any combination.

An IoT Solution that Reduces or Eliminates Costly Property Risk Events

Every water connection in every room increases the risk of water leak damage. Most hoteliers have a water leak horror story in terms of repair costs and bookings losses. But that’s just one of the potential damage and danger risks lurking in your hotel guest rooms and bathrooms. There’s also the possibility of humidity and mold damage, not to mention the potential for health concerns resulting from air quality issues.

IoT technology has encouraged the development of a myriad of monitoring smart devices so that such damage, danger, and health hazards can be avoided. The Hubsai Risk Prevention solution offers hoteliers the peace of mind that their managers and engineering staff can be alerted 24/7 about identified risks or notified in the event of hardware failure or required maintenance.

Hubsai Risk Prevention allows you to select and implement a range of smart devices for guest room and bathroom monitoring.

Hubsai Risk Prevention

Guest Bathroom Risk Monitoring

  • Water Leak: Leaks or overflows from sinks, toilets, tubs, and showers
  • Moisture: Humidity for potential moisture damage
  • Environment: Mold risk detection

Guest Room Risk Monitoring

  • Safety: Unauthorized room access
  • Smoke: CO2 detection
  • Air Quality: Airborne health risks
  • Access: Window and door access or breakage

Hubsai Energy Savings

Harness the Power of IoT for Energy Savings and Sustainable Operations

The cost of guest room energy usage is a sizable operating expense for most hospitality properties. While it’s difficult to encourage guests to be conscientious regarding heating, air conditioning, and lighting usage, IoT enables hoteliers to implement new non-intrusive monitoring and automation solutions to bring energy costs down.

Hubsai Energy Savings delivers the power of monitoring and automation for energy cost savings through the Hubsai Smart Hotel Access Management software platform and integration with the latest name-brand smart devices. While smart thermostats themselves support setting temperature boundaries, creating temperature control automation using occupancy sensors enables temperature changes to be based on room occupancy. Likewise, with lighting, occupancy sensors can trigger automation for lights out.

Energy Savings Monitoring

  • Smart Thermostat: Temperature control and monitoring
  • Occupancy Sensor: Occupant detection via motion, thermal, and infrared
  • Smart Lights: Connected smart bulbs, strips, or smart plugs
  • Smart Blinds or Curtains: Direct control or automation based on time of day

Enhance Your Guest Comfort and Convenience Offering with Easy Room IoT Control

The use of smart technology for contactless check-ins and mobile key access has become a guest service advantage for many hotels. That, plus the ability to control room conveniences through a smartphone app is a tool used by some of the largest hospitality chains and properties to increase loyalty with guests. While this technology has been available for a few years, it has been difficult to implement and in many cases required big-ticket projects to build custom solutions and integrate with a property’s PMS system.

Hubsai Guest Services is designed to be a “plug-and-play” solution to simplify room-by-room implementations and shorten Hubsai Smart Hotel projects. We’ve created a curated guest services solution and guest app to bring your smart guest services online as quickly as possible, with the ability to extend and add services and devices in the future easily.

Hubsai Guest Services

Guest Services Control and Access Features

  • Smart Lock: New locks or lock upgrades for mobile key contactless check-ins and room access
  • Smart Thermostat: In room or remote temperature control
  • Panic Button: Rapid alert capability for guest or staff security events
  • Lighting and Smart Plug: In room or remote lighting control
  • Smart Blinds or Curtains: In room or remote window covering control

IoT Control for Management, Staff & Guests

Hubsai Smart Hotel Delivers IoT Control, Access, Notifications, and Alerts, However and Wherever Needed

Whether the front desk must urgently reset mobile key access, housekeeping needs to receive guest request notifications, engineering has an automation change to make, or a guest must remotely unlock their room for a spouse, Hubsai enables control, access, notifications and alerts on any Windows or Mac computer or laptop, any Android or iOS tablet and smartphone, and even smart watches.

And with Hubsai, tracking performance, status, and history of all Smart Hotel solution devices—for Risk Prevention, Energy Savings, and Guest Services—can be done anytime from anywhere.

Contact us today to learn more about how Hubsai Smart Hotel can deliver the property risk reduction, cost savings, and improved guest services you need.