Introducing Hubsai Smart Hotel

The New Secure IoT Cloud for Hospitality Properties

The first PMS-integrated IoT management platform to eliminate smart device connectivity hacking risk

Corporate Management
General Manager
Front Desk Staff
Engineering/ Maintenance
Housekeeping Staff
Hotel Guests

Hubsai Smart Hotel is a cloud-software-app solution designed for hotel IoT management. With Hubsai, hotel staff have the ability to manage every aspect of IoT access management operations anytime, anywhere from desktops, to laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

Hubsai delivers hospitality properties a user-authenticating platform to build a role-based IoT ecosystem for hotel staff and guests. Our approach enables the most secure smart device access, control, and communication for guest room, property, and services management.

A hotel technology investment that delivers control, efficiency, and cost savings

The power behind Hubsai Smart Hotel is the unlimited range of control, efficiency, and cost savings capabilities that its future-proof technology can deliver.

These value-add benefits are experienced in the areas of access management, operations automation, room control, and solution scalability.

IoT Management Platform
Access Management
Operations Automation
Room Control

Access management

Complete Data Protection

One smart device or single point of access can put a hotel at risk as each of these points could be incredibly vulnerable and easily exploited. With Hubsai, each point of access whether by user or IoT in the smart hotel ecosystem, is protected by advanced authentication and encryption technology to ensure the security of the entire system. 

operations automation

Ops Control from Anywhere

The Hubsai Smart Hotel solution can be accessed anywhere by most device types—desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone—via the internet. This enables hoteliers and their management teams to oversee access management, performance metrics, and quickly respond to security alerts, guest request notifications, and maintenance warnings.

room control

Control Risk, Energy Use & Access

The Hubsai guest app supports guest access for room-level keyless entry, thermostat control, lights control, and more. Hotel staff can remotely access guest-level devices to circumvent high/low temperature breaches, lockouts, and lock activations/deactivations. Staff can also remotely access hotel-level devices such as water leak detectors and occupancy sensors.

Scalable & expandable

IoT Ecosystem Expandability

With hospitality tech evolving at a rapid pace, it’s important for hotels to adopt IoT solutions that are scalable and able to integrate with new capabilities. Hubsai Smart Hotel is equipped to seamlessly integrate with most hotel PMS systems. Our scalable, robust platform can meet the needs of any hospitality property, regardless of type or size.

Discover the IoT solutions you can build on the Hubsai Smart Hotel platform

With the Hubsai platform foundation, you can easily tailor IoT services for your hospitality business. We develop solution packages to help you add functional IoT modules to extend your property, staff, and guest services for risk, operational, and room control.

Hubsai Smart Hotel

Hubsai Smart Hotel

Hubsai Smart Hotel

Hubsai Smart Hotel