Hubsai App


Your smart devices are defined room by room in your home, giving you a home map of home automation access on your smartphone.


From your Hubsai home map, you can define macro control, such as all smart lighting in the home, or micro control, enabling control by room or specific area.


Automatic on/off scheduling for both indoor and outdoor smart lighting can be done by room, area, or even for the whole house.


View real-time video feeds from your indoor and outdoor smart cameras. Monitoring features a home/away setting so that you can automatically turn on your cameras when away from home and turn them off while at home.

Your Peace of Mind is Just a Touch Away with the Hubsai App

It is imperative to put the homeowner in charge of their smart home. At Hubsai, we put the homeowner in the driver's seat by delivering a complete smart home ecosystem that provides a single point of secure control with absolute privacy. As data breaches are bound to continue with more and more smart devices coming to market, Hubsai is at the forefront of driving homeowner control and privacy. The Hubsai app, the single point of control for your smart home, is a feature-rich control center designed to make remotely driving and scheduling your home automation functions easy and fun.

See the Hubsai App in action

Hubsai Home Map
A map of your smart home complete with smart devices is captured in the Hubsai app Home Map. Each room configured on the Home Map displays icons representing the active smart devices located in the room. Clicking a device icon will take you to the device control panel where you can manually activate/deactivate the device, set to home or away mode, or define a schedule.
Lighting Convenience
Controlling your smart lighting on a micro or macro level has never been easier. Clicking on a single light icon allows you to control or set up a schedule for that individual device. You also have the ability to group your smart lights so that manual control or schedules can be done by whole house, room or defined grouping.
Entry Control
Your smart locks, video cameras, and garage remotes provide secure entry control in your home. View live feed of people entering and exiting. Remotely check if your front door or garage door is closed and locked and likewise, unlock doors or open the garage door.
Hubsai Multi-Hub
Unique to the Hubsai app is the Multi-Hub feature. Those customers with Hubsai SmartHome ecosystems at multiple locations will see each displayed on the Multi-Hub menu. For example, a customer that implements Hubsai at their home, vacation condo, and office will have 3 tiles on the Multi-Hub menu, one for each location. Clicking the location tile takes you to that location's Home Map.
Environmental Control
Environmental control is connected to the ecobee4 smart thermostats in your ecosystem. Typically, you will have an ecobee4 for each temperature zone. When selecting a specific thermostat, you can see the current zone and outside temperatures, change the temperature or set a schedule. Multiple thermostats can be controlled individually or grouped for whole house control.
Schedule Setting
To help with your thermostat scheduling, Hubsai displays a daily weather forecast for the coming week as a reference. To create a schedule, set the start time, end time and target temperature. All thermostat activity is recorded in the Hubsai app log.
Questions About the Hubsai App?
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Questions About the Hubsai App?

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