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An Introduction to Smart Home Technology for the Privacy-Minded Homeowner

Release date:      February 12, 2020

Related topic:     Smart Home Solutions

Smart home automation technology can offer homeowners peace of mind, convenience, and efficiency, making it possible to automate systems and equipment ranging from home security to thermostats. This entails embracing the Internet of Things, and connecting as many smart devices as possible to the internet so they’ll synchronize with each other and be activated or controlled with just a touch of an app.

When investing in smart home technology, however, consumers want to know that it’s secure and will not compromise their safety or privacy. According to a U.S. Houzz Smart Home Trends Survey, concerns about privacy kept 23% of homeowners from installing smart technology in their homes.

Today, more than ever, we feel the pressure of balancing access with privacy. We want the latest, greatest technology, but we don’t want to open ourselves up to undue risk. It is imperative to put the homeowner in charge of their smart home. At Hubsai, we put the homeowner in the driver’s seat by delivering full smart ecosystem and data control with absolute privacy. This new white paper provides insights and recommendations covering:

  • What is a Smart Home, and what are the security, cost-savings, and safety protection systems?
  • How to setup your Smart Home ecosystem.
  • What are your Smart Home risks?
  • Steps to reduce the risk of intrusion and hacking.
  • How to protect your privacy

Taking your first step towards setting up a smart home can be daunting unless you have professional help from a Smart Home specialist. There are hundreds of products to choose from, different systems to consider, and entirely new technologies to get a grasp of. Hubsai is here to help!

Hubsai White Paper - An Introduction to Smart Technology for the Privacy

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