What to Know About Smart Locks in Your Smart Home

Smart locks are one of the most popular smart home devices for their ease of use and price point. Smart locks connect to your door’s deadbolt and allow you to remotely control your home’s doors with the touch of a button, giving you and your family more freedom and control over your home. With smart lock technology, protecting our homes and families has never been easier. Today, security is one of the most important demands of home automation. According to Grand View Research, the smart lock market demand is estimated to reach 34.9 billion units by 2027. Gone are the days of the spare key under the mat! With several contenders on the market, there are a couple of things to consider if you are in the market for a smart lock.

Control Your Smart Locks Through Your Smartphone

You can monitor your smart locks through your smartphone. Can’t remember if you locked the door? Smart locks can be monitored through their apps so you can verify that the door is indeed locked. Additionally, some smart lock devices offer Bluetooth enabled control. Simply pair your smartphone with your lock and you are good to go, no code required!

The fingerprint-resistant touchscreen of the Schlage Smart Lock ensures numbers won’t be detectable to intruders after repeated use— safeguarding your home even more. Schlage Connect gives you advanced remote management capabilities and compatibility with home monitoring system letting you run your home from anywhere.

Connectivity Protocol Compatibility

There are many options when it comes to wireless connectivity in smart homes. Whether it’s WiFi, Bluetooth, Zigbee, or Z-Wave, there is a smart lock option to suit your connectivity needs. Many trusted brands, such as August, Schlage, and Yale offer devices for each option, so you are not limited. 

Easy Installation of Smart Locks

Smart locks work with your already existing security system, or can easily replace it if that is what your home needs. Your lock can be attached to the deadbolt in your door, or it can replace the deadbolt system altogether. Additionally, the installation of smart locks is probably as simple as it gets in the smart home world, typically taking 10-30 minutes. The only tool you’ll need is a screwdriver! 

August Smart Lock Pro

A sleek, compact design, easy to install, and Z-Wave connected, the August Smart Lock Pro can easily be integrated into your smart home. This device simply attaches to your existing deadbolt on the inside of your dooryour outside lock stays the same and you keep your existing keys.

Remote Security and Monitoring

In your home, office, or even AirBnb, remote smart lock technology will make your life infinitely easier. Your home can still run even when you’re not there. Many smart locks will let you set various codes that can work during any set period of time. This is helpful for when you are on vacation, at work, when guests are over, etc. If the cleaners are coming and you are out of town, fear not! You can customize access to your home to suit your needs. 

Increased Smart Home Connectivity

 A fully integrated smart home is not complete without a smart lock to protect it. Once connected to your other devices, you can monitor your smart home more efficiently, keeping track of comings and goings, and security.

Yale Assure keyless smart lock model YRD256

Go keyless with the Yale Assure Lock Touchscreen Deadbolt with Z-Wave technology. This device will automatically lock and unlock when you leave and come home. It can be integrated to your home’s security system and can hold up to 250 unique codes that can be managed from your keypad.

Technology Sometimes Fails

No lock, even a smart lock, is perfect and fool-proof. Smart locks run on batteries, so you must be mindful of that. Additionally, while you eliminate the possibility of your lock getting picked when you switch to a smart lock, there is still the possibility of smart lock hacking. Unfortunately, you must take on these risks when owning a smart home in general, and understand that no system is perfect, but there are always ways to strengthen the security of your smart home, as long as you’re doing the research. Additionally, technology does not come easy to all. Bluetooth technology, smartphones, and the like might not be so easy for everyone in your family to grasp. What about grandma? Fortunately, many smart lock devices will offer a spare key that can still lock and unlock doors, and keypads are also another way of appeasing those who are not so tech-savvy.

Yale Assure smart lock with key model YRD 226

Similar to the previous Yale device, this Assure Lock model can be locked/unlocked with a key. Easy to install and even easier to use, it’s a perfect addition to your smart home or security system.

The Bottom Line

A smart lock is one of the easiest, cheapest, and most rewarding devices you can install in your smart home. Smart locks give you peace of mind and eliminate the need for troublesome physical keys. Knowing what smart lock option is right for you is important in designing your smart home, and understanding these considerations will help you make your decision. Luckily, Hubsai supports Schlage, Yale, and August smart locks, some of the very best in the industry. For more information on our devices and services, please visit Hubsai.com or download our app on the App Store or Google Play.