Tips for Homeowners Who Want Home Security Without Sounding the Alarm

March 8th, 2021

Thanks to recent developments in Smart Home technology, there are several ways you can protect the security of your home without an alarm.

  1. Use smart sensors for doors and windows that notify you when there is activity in a certain part of your house. Using software available through Hubsai, these sensors send notifications directly to your mobile phone.
  • Use smart locks and cameras for door entries. Hubsai makes it easy to monitor activity around your house and provides access to family members at your discretion. This is a great way to manage entry if you have teenagers!
  •  Install at least one outdoor camera to your front door or backyard door for surveillance.
  • You can also add motion sensors to private sections as of your home, particularly if you have a safe where you keep valuables. It is recommended to also have an indoor camera focused on your valuables. Hubsai solutions will automatically record all activity in the event that you need proof for insurance purposes. A non-cloud solution, all Hubsai recordings are accessible only to the homeowner, protecting the homeowner’s privacy 100%.