The Smart Home App Revolutionizing Home Automation

Find out how a smart home app can change the way we live our lives.

What is a Smart Home App and What is Smart Home Automation?

Smart home apps and home automation provide ways to remotely monitor and control the different devices in your home, all from your smartphone or tablet. Devices such as smart locks and moisture sensors work to improve energy efficiency and convenience of daily life. Smart home apps can either be single-use, controlling one specific device, or multi-use, synching several devices into one app. 

But these devices are not just for individual homes. Many multi-home property owners are looking to smart home technology to entice renters.  With smart home technology installed in each unit of property, owners will be able to anticipate electrical or water issues and avoid property damage. This will save them in long term operational costs. Meanwhile, tenants can enjoy the benefits of devices such as smart locks, thermostats, and cameras. 

With so many smart home apps on the market, it is difficult to understand what sets them apart. While these apps all work to accomplish similar goals, user experience and certain features can make all the difference. 

What Makes Hubsai Stand Apart From Competitors?

Hubsai is a unique smart home app in a number of ways. Promoting easy of use and interoperability, Hubsait controls your entire home from one app. Learn about these unique features to see if the Hubsai smart home app is right for you and your home. 


The Hubsai app allows users to display and control multiple smart home locations through a single app.

Whether it’s between the home and the office, or several different properties, the multi-hub capability is ideal for managing several remote locations. Users can differentiate their hubs based on the needs of each specific property, or standardize certain actions or scenes in several locations.

Hubsai Smart Home App Multi-Hub

Home Map

The Hubsai home map displays all connected devices in a room on a single view. As the home map paints a clear picture even for the remote user, showing how different devices interact in one space. Devices can also be moved around from room to room using the app.

Hubsai Smart Home App Home Map


With Hubsai, users are able to control their entire home from one app. Moreover, they can see their entire smart home at a glance from one screen. Like the home map, Hubsai users can see the status of all devices in a single view for quick access. This allows the user to manage a broad range of devices within a home or unit from one screen.

Hubsai Smart Home App Dashboard

Pairing Capability

Yet another unique feature to the Hubsai app is the device pairing capability. Device pairing that allows users to observe two devices together for maximum control. On a single screen for locks and garage openers, users are able to view device status and camera live feed. You’ll know that the kids have come home from school both when they unlock the door, and as your camera spots them.

Hubsai Smart Home App Lock Live Feed


As smart home technology permeates through the world, consumers will find it more difficult to choose what’s right for them. Wherever you are, a single app to control a whole home automation system will cut out the hassle of juggling multiple apps. Hubsai is your one-stop solution to home automation. Usability and interoperability are some of Hubsai’s most unique and appealing features. Additionally, is its easy installation and non-cloud storage. To learn more about Hubsai, visit, or to test drive download the Hubsai app from the App Store or Google Play.