Apple Watch and the Future of Smart Home Apps

Smart home technology is all about making your life easier and creating a home environment that works around your needs. One element of this mission is that of device integration. How can we get our devices to more efficiently interact with our homes? In the case of the Apple Watch, how can we utilize them with respect to smart homes and the smart apps? In an industry that is always advancing, what is on the horizon for our smart homes?

Apple Watch Features Today

In many ways, the apple watch acts as an extension of your iPhone. However, because it’s always attached to you, the Apple Watch can also monitor your health in a number of ways. You can monitor your heart rate, track your fitness, track your sleep, and check your blood oxygen levels. If your body is your home, then the watch acts as a smart home hub in a lot of ways. It monitors various functions of your body, gathering information and sending it back to you in the form of alerts and notifications. This is the monitoring of your “internal” environment. But what about your “external” one? Could the Apple Watch once day work and interact similarly with your smart home?

Future Advancements

There are many potential advancements to consider in the realm of smart home technology. One thing Hubsai is particularly interested in is increasing Apple Watch integration with respect to the Hubsai app. Imagine you are coming home, hands full with bags of groceries, or perhaps luggage from a trip. What if you could unlock the front door and turn on the lights all without reaching for your phone to do it?

Being able to give commands to your smart home hands-free would be the peak of innovation. It is also the pinnacle of convenience. Ultimately, the main advancement of any smart home device, the Apple Watch included, are the developments in voice control. As voice control integration improves, smart home technology will become more ubiquitous in homes.

Moreover, what if you could check on your home and your cameras directly from your Apple Watch? With a quick glance at your wrist, you’ll always be aware of what is going on at home. Your smart home app can deliver alerts to your watch for added convenience and you will be able to quickly respond. 

Here is a rendering of what you might one day see when you view the Hubsai app from your Apple Watch.

Stay Tuned for More From Hubsai

These ideas are quickly becoming reality as the smart home industry continues to advance. Hubsai is always looking for the next steps in innovation and how to increase the value and efficiency of your smart home. Thus, Hubsai is especially interested in Apple Watch integration. Stay tuned for more information, and to learn more about our current services visit or download our app on the App Store or Google Play.