Is Professional Smart Home Installation Right for You?

Find out if professional smart home installation is right for you and your home. 

Smart homes and home automation technology are quickly taking over households across the world, simplifying everyday tasks and actions in the home. For all their ease of use, however, smart home installation can be a difficult task to accomplish on your own. There are a number of installation options available ranging from full-service installation to the DIY approach. Additionally, homeowners must understand what they want and what their expectations are.  Whether it’s a fully connected home, or simply a device or two, knowing what your goals are for your smart home are essential in the process of creating your dream smart home.

Installation Options

First and foremost, it is important to understand the difference between each installation option before proceeding. There are benefits and drawbacks to each installation option. You can install either a self-monitoring or a professionally monitored system. Professional installation is typically a more comprehensive smart home system that will also include professional monitoring. 

Do It Yourself Installation

DIY installation involves a homeowner purchasing the required technology directly from vendors and going home to set up their system. An example of a DIY installation is Google Nest. You can personally purchase and set up this simple device. You also get a wider selection to choose from with this option, because you are not limited by brand. However, DIY installation can be troublesome if you decide to add devices to your system. This is because compatibility between devices can be unpredictable and cause headaches down the line. Additionally, you run the risk of overwhelming your network with too many devices. 

Bottom Line: DIY installation is perfect for someone who has the technical knowledge needed to install a smart home, and who also wants to save on expensive professional installation costs. 

Professional Installation

Professional installation is when a fully integrated system is installed and monitored in your home by professionals. An example of this is Vivint Smart Home. You can rest easy knowing your smart home was properly and professionally installed. You can forgo the hassle of troubleshooting that is inevitable with the DIY approach. However, the professional installation also means that your smart home is far less customizable than the DIY version. With professional, you have a more limited number of devices to choose from. Additionally, the devices in your home might not be yours to own, but are rather borrowed out to homeowners. Long term contracts with providers will give you less flexibility in your smart home, too. 

Bottom Line: If you are looking for a fully equipped smart home, if you don’t want to personally tackle installation, and if you can handle the increased costs that come along with this method, then professional installation is right for you.

Do It For Me Installation: The Hubsai Approach

Do it for me (DIFM) installation combines all the benefits of professional installation with the customizability of DIY. Like the professional route, Hubsai is your one stop shop for all your home automation needs, and everything from installation, to ongoing support will be handled by Hubsai. Like DIY, you get the freedom and a variety of devices to choose from. With the DIFM method, you will not be beholden to long-term contracts that lock you into rigid agreements. Hubsai begins with an in-home consultation to understand your home and your automation needs. Next, we present you with a proposal and move forward with installation. However DIFM keeps installation costs down and also keeps your options open when it comes to devices. This way you can personalize your smart home ecosystem to your heart’s content. This level of customizability is something you won’t get from DIY or profession installation.

Bottom Line: If you want the best of both DIY and professional installation, DIFM installation might be just what you’re looking for.

At the end of the day, whatever method you chose for your home should depend on what kind of services you are looking for, your budget, and your own abilities. Hiring a professional is not necessary, but it certainly does make your life easier. Ultimately, the DIFM approach that Hubsai uses is a great compromise for those who are looking for professional assistance that will not compromise quality, or break the bank. You can learn more about our services and the Hubsai installation package at