Smart Home Ownership Made Easy: Introducing Hubsai

The Do It For Me (DIFM) Smart Home as a Service that simplifies home automation

Simplicity and ease-of-use are core to the success of any new consumer technology. And when it comes to introducing new technology into the home, that’s especially true. However, while consumer interest in smart home technology has fueled a dramatic increase in smart device sales in recent years, challenges still abound for the consumer who wants a seamless, safe, and simple user experience.

Buying smart devices may seem easy, but creating a fully-integrated smart home is hard. The lack of interconnectivity in the smart home space has introduced too much fragmentation. A homeowner starting a smart home journey today must assess multiple product brands, understand several connectivity protocols, download a variety of apps, and keep up with firmware updates so smart devices remain secure and functional. If all this sounds too “techy” for your tastes, the Hubsai “Do It For Me” smart home service offers a better alternative.

Hubsai Introduces Smart Home Market Firsts

“We are the only DIFM smart home as a service that keeps customer data securely out of the cloud. Therefore, Hubsai is ideal for homeowners wanting the convenience of a smart home without compromising privacy or requiring technical skills,” said Mike Ghodoosian, Hubsai CEO and founder. “We are thrilled to launch Hubsai Smart Home. In addition to being the first non-cloud DIFM solution, we are proud to offer the first smart home app that supports controlling multiple hubs. Our multi-hub capability makes it easy for the owner of a home, a condo, and a business, for example, to control and monitor smart devices for all properties from a single Hubsai app.”

What is Hubsai Smart Home?

Hubsai is the easiest to use, most secure, non-cloud home automation platform. We make the convenience and value of home automation simple, affordable, worry-free, and fun. With our app, homeowners can remotely access or schedule automation to securely monitor their homes and control their smart devices. We built the Hubsai platform atop 3 customer-focused pillars to achieve this: Ease-of-use, user privacy, and ease-of-ownership.


For many users, the smart home experience involves frustrating, time-consuming switches between multiple apps on a smartphone. Moreover, managing smart devices can require 6 or more apps for even a modest smart home set up. And adding a new device or schedule can require pouring through a user guide, and even coding in some cases.

We believe that a smart home must be controlled by a single, easy-to-use app. The Hubsai user interface is simple and intuitive. And the app’s home map and dashboard require no user programming or coding for a custom experience. Adding a new device or moving an existing one is achieved in a few easy steps. Room assignments are done by a simple drag and drop of the device icon to the correct location. Also, Hubsai has introduced unique built-in interoperable features that combine different device types for helpful use cases. For example, a garage camera live feed can be viewed from the same screen used to remotely open or close the garage door. Users can easily filter views and actions by room, switch camera feeds, and filter the activities log by device type.  

User Privacy 

A user gives up privacy for ease-of-use when deploying many of the home automation solutions available today. Most consumers are unaware their privacy is threatened by the commercial value of the data collected by their smart devices. An October 2019 study published by a team of scientists from Northeastern University and the Imperial College London found that 72 of the 81 consumer IoT devices surveyed shared data with a third party unrelated to the original manufacturer. In other words, creating a smart device maker account means trusting them with data generated by the device. Consequently, as data access issues persist, privacy-minded consumers are shying away from devices that transmit data outside of the home.

The Hubsai platform is a non-cloud solution. At the heart of our solution is the Hubsai Hub which securely connects to the user’s Hubsai App (iOS or Android) and the devices of their smart home ecosystem. The homeowner’s information and device data are stored locally on the Hubsai Hub, rather than to a public cloud. As a result, homeowner privacy is protected as personal data is not accessible by device manufacturers or other parties.

The Hubsai platform establishes a secure connection as the foundation for all device interactions. The communication between the Hubsai App and Hubsai Hub is authenticated using advanced, government-grade encryption technology. Similarly, we have implemented a patent-pending methodology to encrypt connections between the Hubsai Hub and each device. This provides 3 tiers of security to protect homeowner privacy. Consequently, spying, hacking, or system disruptions are non-issues for Hubsai customers. Additional Hubsai recommendations for reducing privacy risk can be found in our white paper, An Introduction to Smart Home Technology for the Privacy-Minded Homeowner.


A homeowner is typically on their own in a DIY smart home scenario. This is particularly true when it comes to determining the compatibility and maintenance of the devices they purchase and install. While the initial installation might seem easy, what happens when one of the smart devices stops working? To troubleshoot, should the homeowner contact the device manufacturer or the hub manufacturer? Or what about the internet service provider? Many times when a failure occurs, the source of the problem is unclear. And sometimes the problem is due to actions taken by the device manufacturer. For instance, if they no longer support a specific device model, or shut down the cloud that receives data from the device.

Hubsai’s DIFM model simplifies and reduces the risk of home automation ownership with subscription plans that offer:

  • Professional smart home installation and support.
  • A curated collection of fully integrated top-tier products including Philips Hue and Sylvania Lightify smart lights, ecobee and Honeywell smart thermostats, Amcrest cameras, Fibaro sensors, and Schlage, Yale, and August smart locks.
  • Automatic firmware and software updates.
  • Guaranteed device performance over the life of a customer’s subscription, including device replacement if a failure occurs or the product support is discontinued by the manufacturer.
  • Updates to support new devices, app features, and technologies.

At Hubsai, we believe homeowners should enjoy the fun, convenience, privacy, and cost-saving benefits of their home automation investment. Above all without the worry of privacy risk, technology challenges, or product obsolescence. For details about the Hubsai starter kit and other subscription plans, please visit Hubsai Plans on our website or call (408) 444-5335 to request a Hubsai demo and smart home consultation.