Here’s Why You Need the Garadget Garage Door Opener

Have you ever been halfway to your destination only to get that sinking feeling as you realize you might have left the garage door open? We’ve all been there. The Garadget Garage Door Opener will give you the peace of mind you need when you’re away from home.

Convenience, Peace-of-Mind, and Safety

According to, garage door burglaries account for 9% of burglaries in the US as of 2020. Many people do not see the garage as an extension of the home. We fail to consider the valuable items inside that might leave their home vulnerable. The Garadget garage door opener is a great addition to your smart home for convenience, peace-of-mind, and safety reasons. With this device, you can conveniently control and manage your garage door from anywhere, as well as protect your home. 

The Garadget has a one-time, easy installation process with no promise of future maintenance or ongoing subscription. When you receive your Garadget, you’ll get the Garadget itself, a USB cable and power plug, 2 double-sided adhesive pads, 2 reflective pads, a cable to connect to your current garage door opener, and a small screwdriver for the wire insert.

To power the Garadget you simply plug it into an outlet, attach the device to your garage door opener, and apply the reflective pads to your door. Additionally, the device uses a laser to sense the garage door, rather than the traditional wire of other devices. Your Garadget is compatible with your Hubsai hub and they can communicate via WiFi. 

Garadget Key Features

Now that we’ve covered the basics of the Garadget, here are some key features that will make your life easier:

  • Elegant Simplicity: easy to use and install, this clever little device provides peace of mind and convenience
  • Keyless Access: whether you’re coming home from a vacation or just a jog, all you need to get inside is your smartphone!
  • Departure Alerts: no more driving back to the garage door to check on the status of your garage. Garadget will notify you if your door was left open and you can close it right from your phone.
  • Night Alerts: no more leaving the garage door open overnight by mistake. Garadget notifies you if your garage door is open when it shouldn’t be or when it’s been open for an extended period of time.
See a demonstration of the Garadget interoperability on the Hubsai app in this preview video.

The Garadget seems like a no-brainer for homeowners. Gone are the days of turning around to check on the garage door. Gone are the days of second-guessing yourself. This little device, like all the best smart home technology, makes your life that much easier. Based on its features, design, and set-up, we think this will be a great addition to any smart home. Garadget is Hubsai compatible, and to see other compatible smart home devices, please visit or download the Hubsai app in the App Store or Google Play.