Firmware Updates: What You Need to Know for Your Smart Home

Even if you don’t know the first thing about firmware, it is all around us. Firmware is the backbone of our technology-driven world. It is a critical element of hardware devices, including the ones that power your smart home. Understanding the importance of firmware updates in your smart home devices will help you have and maintain an efficient, secure, and reliable smart home. 

What is Firmware?

So what exactly is firmware? It is the code that corresponds to a specific hardware device. Firmware runs the hardware device, while software is how the device communicates actions. Manufacturers will often release new updates to their devices to fix bugs, roll out new features, and improve security. While some devices can enable automatic downloads of firmware updates, others will require you to visit the manufacturer’s website and download the code manually. This can be tricky if you’ve never dealt with code before. 

Firmware Updates and Security Improvements

Firmware updates often improve security features on devices. This is especially important for smart home technology which not only protects your information but also your physical home. Hackers have been known to take advantage of vulnerabilities in firmware and plant malware into your devices. If you’re staying on top of your updates, however, this should not be a problem. Updates will release new code to patch up the holes in your device’s software and keep hackers from encrypting your data or stealing your information and will keep other equally malicious attacks at bay.

Firmware Updates and Functional Improvements

Updates to firmware also improve how the device performs. This can sometimes even be a result of customer feedback regarding functionality issues. As our devices are constantly running multiple programs at once, they will inevitably degrade with time. This will affect the speed and reliability of our devices. However these devices are not beyond help, and upkeep comes in the form of firmware updates. With these updates, we can optimize the performance of our devices without having to replace the hardware. In this age of technological advancement, firmware updates to our devices are a no-brainer and necessary for improving our experience as users.

Firmware and Hubsai

Firmware updates are crucial in the IoT world. Hubsai knows this and uses the OTA (Over-The-Air) firmware update approach. In the past, in order to update your device’s firmware, you would have to take it apart, connect it to your computer, and manually update the code. Then you would have to reassemble the device and return it to its home. This process isn’t very accessible to the average person, and the various steps make it more likely that something will go wrong in the process. Luckily, as the industry grew, OTA updates have become the norm. Now, Hubsai compatible devices are automatically updated when a vulnerability is detected, due to our relationship with manufacturers. To learn more about our smart home devices, and our commitment to firmware maintenance please visit our website at or download our app on the App Store or Google Play.