Hubsai Completes Full Scalability with Over-the-Air(OTA) Functionality for Software Updates


SAN RAMON, Calif., March 1, 2021 — Today, Hubsai Inc., a Smart Home Automation company specializing in residential homes, apartments, and multi-family units, announced it has gone live with its new Over-the-Air (OTA) scalable solution which can easily support up to 1 million homes for software updates and full integration of its smart home platform.

Hubsai utilizes the latest fully scalable OTA software to upgrade its software in the field. New users will also benefit from this technology as it reduces setup time as well, but the main benefit is lower operating costs since OTA updates will take minimal time. “This is a major achievement for cost savings in our backend part of the infrastructure”, said Mike Ghodoosian, CEO of Hubsai.